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Warranty Information

At we offer generous Warranties to suit all our products. This page is designed to help you understand the finer detail of our warranties.

Our Warranties can be divided into 3 different groups:

All the 'Trader " models (Pro 40, Hex 40 and Hex 50) Gazebo Frames are covered under a 3 year Frame Warranty. The frames on all the other models are covered under a 1 year manufacturers warranty

Non-Frame parts of all The Pop-Up Gazebos, Gazebo Accessories, Market umbrellas, market umbrella accessories are covered under a 1 year Manufacturers Warranty.

All other products shown on the website are sold with a 90 day Manufacturers Warranty.

Warranty Terms

At we know that we sell high quality Heavy Duty Gazebos, in a different league to the almost disposable gazebos found in many high street stores. Zapp gazebos are built to last. Such is our confidence in this fact we now offer a 3 Year Frame Warranty on all our Heavy Duty Gazebo Frames. Please note that our Gazebos should not be left out all day every day. The warranty will only apply if the product has been used in line with recommended operating instructions.

What our Warranties cover

Zapp warrants to the original purchaser that all products are free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of the sale and for the period of the Warranty (as described above). All products are covered against "wear and tear" which would not be considered reasonable for the type of product purchased. This means that we guarantee our products will not "wear out" in the specified period of time if used reasonably and with due care. If a product fails to meet this guarantee, the customer is entitled to make a Warranty claim within the specific time period if the fault can be proved to be due to an inherent defect or poor workmanship that existed at the time of purchase.

What the Frame Warranty covers

This warranty covers the customer for a further 2 years (3 years total) than our Manufacturers Warranty. Such is our confidence in the strength of our Frames that we guarantee to repair or replace any frame which shows a defect, for up to 36 months (subject to exclusions, see below).

If your Pop-up Gazebo is used properly and well looked after then we are confident it will last longer than 3 years.

Warranty exclusions

The warranty does not cover wear and tear caused by excessive use or defects caused by accident, abuse, alteration, misuse or improper care.

The customer must follow Gazebo Care Instructions. Failure to do so will invalidate a Warranty claim.

What happens if you need to claim on the Warranty

In these circumstances we will open a Warranty Case and if validated will repair or replace the whole or part of the item free of charge where possible. If the option of a repair or replacement is not suitable then we will offer a full or partial refund ,depending on the amount of prior use the customer had from the item before the fault became apparent.

Proof required

As a Company who sells nationally and internationally it can often be difficult for us to view your Gazebo in order to inspect for purposes of the Warranty Claim. The easiest way for us to view any damage is for the Customer to email us digital photos which display any faults/damage.

The Zapp Promise

Most of what we have written above is a requirement, in most cases legal, to commit to a fair standard of trading. We think it's great that these requirements exist, as after all we are consumers ourselves and know how frustrating it can be to try and claim for a faulty product. However, we also think that the legal requirement often doesn't go far enough, and so we have a range of services that will ensure that you, the customer, feel that we always do our best to help solve a problem. Where possible we will go above and beyond the terms of our Warranty to ensure that you feel safe in our hands.

If an item is damaged but the damage cannot be claimed under Warranty, then that's not the end of the story. We have a variety of options that will mean we can almost always help in some way or another. These options include: Discounts or credit against a new item, massive discounts on replacement parts, and a trade in service for gazebos which have finally come to the end of their lives . Please contact us for more info on any of these services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which parts of the Gazebo are covered?
- All parts are covered, but this varies depending on the part. Please see the top of this page for details on how long each part is covered for.

I bought from you over a year ago, is my gazebo covered?
- Yes, your frame will still be covered under Warranty.

I don't have an invoice, will I be able to claim on the Warranty?
- Yes, as long as you can provide sufficient details for us to match your order to information held on our database.

What if I'm not covered under the warranty? What help will I receive?
- Our Warranty is not the only way we help. We stock all spare parts and always offer these to our Gazebo customers at a special rate. If the Gazebo is beyond repair then in some cases you may be able to trade it in for Credit against a new one.